For the attainment of the objectives and functions of SIEMAT-Kerala five departments have been established in the Academic Wing. The systematic functioning of SIEMAT-Kerala is managed by the Administration Wing.

Policy planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

This department is intended to study the evolving scenarios of educational sector, the institutions and leaderships involved in it and also directed towards understanding how policy making takes place in the Indian context and how it has evolved over the period of time. Primary attention should be given to policy making on educational planning, management or administration. The department should engage in conducting various activities like trainings, workshops, discussions, seminars and debates around policy making in education and should provide inputs for government including policy makers, educationalists and other stakeholders those who are involved in policy making in educational sector. Proper monitoring about the policy making aspect as well as the management and training programmes should also be led by this department. The department could also look for developing tools and techniques for effective monitoring and evaluation of the programmes and activities in which the institute is involved. Like all other departments, this department also will function in accordance with the philosophy heightened for realizing the aims and objectives of SIEMAT-Kerala.

Management Training

This department aims to provide training in educational management to the heads of educational institutions and the leaders in administrative cadre. The department imparts management training to its stakeholders through various Capacity Enhancement and Leadership Enhancement Programmes to equip them to effectively plan and manage the activities of their institutions to make each one of them a centre of excellence providing quality education. The department is engaged in conducting rigorous planning, consultation and module preparation workshops, seminars and researches which effectively contribute to the activities of the department.

Research, Educational Innovation Consultancy and Documentation

This department aims to provide cutting edge research in educational leadership and management. The department shall contribute to achieving the objectives of the institution for enhancing the leadership and management capacities of the leadership in education field. The department should be engaged in conducting high quality research, publications and various research projects. The department should provide innovative ideas in education field. Research programmes should be conducted in the field of education. This department should document all the programmes of the institution. It can be used for further reference also. Besides, library and other supporting services should be ready for helping the functions of the department.

Educational Planning and Management Information System

Primary focus of this department is to undertake research, capacity building activities and to provide technical advice to strengthen the data base and management information systems on education in Kerala and across different states in India. This department should play an important role in strengthening management information system and data base on primary, elementary, higher secondary and higher education in Kerala. District level information system can be managed by this department. The generous support and aid of education department and MHRD is a precondition for the success of this department. SIEMAT- Kerala as a team under this department could try to bring in international collaborations like one NIEPA is having with UNICEF.

In addition to this, the department can organise conferences/seminars on issues relating statistics on education, workshops/training programmes on quantitative methods in educational planning and undertake research and consultancy with a focus on statistics and educational management information system. In addition, the department can take up a course on quantitative methods in educational planning.

Administration and Management

This department has a significant role to play in planning and organising all activities of educational institutions for each academic year. Effective planning and management contribute towards ensuring smooth and effective learning atmospheres in our schools. So professional training and guidance should be provided to the heads of educational institutions and all those stakeholders in education sector involved in planning and management aspect of education. The Department of Administration and Management should involve in providing training programmes for capacity enhancement and leadership enhancement in education sector like heads of the institutions and the education officers. It can conduct various activities including research to design and modify the training programmes provided by the institute.