Director’s Message

Heading forth in QUALITY highway…..

SIEMAT could establish Educational Management as an independent discipline and a key functional area of the education sector of Kerala through its operations, started way back in 2005. As the premier educational management organization of the State, the Institute has also been there in the forefront to capacitate and enrich the school heads and educational officers to implement the policies and programmes of the Government formulated at different phases.

The role of SIEMAT-KERALA as an implementing agency of the education vision, policy and programmes of the state became even more prominent and decisive since the launching of Public Education Rejuvenation Mission. Through ingeniously planed training programmes, the Institute   has been empowering the functional level leadership of general education sector to take down the ideals propounded by the Mission to grass root level and transmute them to tangible results.

Now the general education sector of Kerala is entering yet another progressive phase. Second phase of the Public Education Rejuvenation Mission has been rolled out in the State by the name Vidyakiranam. If the prime emphasis was on infrastructure development during the first version of the Mission, focus would be on QUALITY in Vidyakiranam phase. Hence as an educational planning Institute SIEMAT-KERALA has to take up new challenges and more responsibilities at this juncture to enable and equip the educational leaders to scale new heights of QUALITY.

We are all set to take up the foregoing challenge. Vision document of the Institute on Curriculum Revision is on the anvil. Training strategy of the Institute would be reframed to suit the ideals and objects of Vidyakiranam. In short, SIEMAT-KERALA is now heading forth in QUALITY highway. I solicit the guidance and support of all our patrons, stakeholders and well-wishers for our onward journey.


Dr.Sunil V. T.