About us


The State Institute of Educational Management and Training- Kerala (SIEMAT-Kerala) is an autonomous institution established under Department of General Education in tune with the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi (NIEPA) for imparting educational management training to the stakeholders in education sector in the state of Kerala. SIEMAT-Kerala is the only institute of its kind in the state to offer training in educational management. SIEMAT-Kerala was registered as a society under the Travancore Cochin Literacy Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act XII of 1995 on 30-03-2004 to function as a pioneer institute of educational management and training in the state.

Since establishment, SIEMAT-Kerala has been contributing in various ways for imparting management training for leaders in educational sector including the heads of the institutions, educational officers, parents, LSG members, administrative staff, special school functionaries and so on. Imparting training to teachers in class room management in order to create a child friendly environment in schools has also been a major objective. Over the years, SIEMAT-Kerala has also made a mark with its involvement in micro level planning activities, conducting impact studies and action researches and preparing handbooks and documents which has contributed significantly towards educational planning and management in the state. It has emerged as a significant presence in decentralising educational planning and management.

SIEMAT-Kerala aspires to become a Centre of Excellence in educational management and training in global level. It is in the path for emerging as a role model institution in dealing with all aspects of educational management and training by accomplishing its objectives. SIEMAT-Kerala is on the threshold of rapid progress towards achieving its vision and objectives by transforming it as a centre of excellence in the field of educational management and training.