Apart from conducting training programmes, SIEMAT-Kerala is concentrated in providing academic and professional guidance to all concerned with educational planning, management and administration.

  • To become a Centre of Excellence in educational planning and administration

  • To increase the quality of planning and implementation.

  • To conduct, co-ordinate and encourage research in the areas of educational planning, management and implementation.

  • To offer on request, consultancy services to other state governments and educational institutions outside Kerala.

  • To act as a clearing house of ideas and information on research, training and extension activities in educational planning and management.

  • To develop nexus of institutions engaged in homogenous task and to play supportive and collaborative role.

  • To print and publish articles, journals, magazines and books for serving to expedite the above mentioned objectives.

  • To ensure active participation of individuals, institutions, teachers and autonomous bodies involved in the field of educational modernisation.

  • To implement innovative projects on experimental basis.

  • To take and motivate research-oriented studies related to education, planning and implementation.

  • To ensure support of the existing institutions by maximum utilization of technological resources.

  • To give advice for government and educational institutions with regard to educational planning and management.

  • To organise conferences, symposium, workshops and seminars in educational management and planning.

  • To prepare and propagate the materials related to education.

  • Pre-Service and In-service courses for the Educational Officers.

  • To conduct orientation programmes, seminars and discussions for individuals including people’s representatives who works for planning and policy making in the field of education.

  • To give academic and job-oriented instructions for people dealing with planning, management and implementation in the field of education.