School Leadership Academy Kerala (SLAK)

School Leadership Academy- Kerala (SLAK) has been established under SIEMAT-Kerala for transforming our schools into centres of excellence. The prime aim of the centre is to enable every school to deliver quality education across the state. SLAK is an initiative of National Centre for School Leadership (NCSL) established at the NIEPA under the aegis of MHRD, Government of India. The leading priority of SLAK is to build leadership capabilities of school heads and administrators through a well-designed leadership development programme.

The entire initiative and process of transformation calls for a paradigm shift in the ways schools are managed and led. This positions the School Head as the prime mover for initiating and implementing school based change and development. There is a realization that traditional notions of school management no longer work, especially when we have seen, over the decades that schools change at a slow pace and many schools exhibit low levels of learning. There is a need for School Heads to be deeply involved in children’s learning and to see schools in new and profound ways. It is in this context, SLAK has been established under SIEMAT-Kerala. It is towards this end that SLAK is developing leadership capacities through various initiatives for transforming the schools through programme for School Heads of government and aided schools in the state. SLAK is seen as a significant stride towards strengthening leadership capabilities of School.

SLAK established in the state will act as the nodal centre for school development programme. SLAK will be responsible for organizing programmes of different duration to address the diversity across the state, integrate local knowledge and expertise with national policies and building capacities of resource persons and extending support in carrying out its activities in different districts.

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