The Library of SIEMAT-Kerala has been designed to meet the information needs of the participants of the Training Programmes. A collection of around 500 books of various titles is provided in the Library. The library subscribes to more than 250 journals and magazines both national and international in the core area of education, planning and management. In addition to that the following publications and text books are also available for reference.

Sl . No Collection Numbers
1. Books 303
2. Periodicals
English 2
Malayalam 3
3. News Papers
English 1
Malayalam 4
4. NIEPA Books 60
5. DIET Research Books 50
6. Bound Copies of Modules 550
7. Journals from other institution 20
8. SIEMAT- Kerala  House Journal 1
9. Text Books Class V to X 100
10. Government Budget Reports 60
11. DEO Training Books 40

The library remains open on all working days from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM.