Educational Planning and Management Information System

Primary focus of this department is to undertake research, capacity building activities and to provide technical advice to strengthen the data base and management information systems on education in Kerala and across different states in India. This department should play an important role in strengthening management information system and data base on primary, elementary, higher secondary and higher education in Kerala. District level information system can be managed by this department. The generous support and aid of education department and MHRD is a precondition for the success of this department. SIEMAT- Kerala as a team under this department could try to bring in international collaborations like one NIEPA is having with UNICEF.

In addition to this, the department can organise conferences/seminars on issues relating statistics on education, workshops/training programmes on quantitative methods in educational planning and undertake research and consultancy with a focus on statistics and educational management information system. In addition, the department can take up a course on quantitative methods in educational planning.