Pre service and inservice training and refresher courses for educational officers and administrative personnel of education departments. Capacity Enhancement Programme (CEP) and Leadership Enhancement Programme (LEP) are the flagship training programmes of SIEMAT-Kerala.

Tentative Programmes for 2019-2020

Capacity Enhancement Programme (CEP)
Sl.No. Target Group Status of Training
1 CEP for Career Masters Level III
2 CEP for heads of all other educational institutions in the state including higher education Level II
3 Management Training Programme for Administrative and Ministerial Staff Members in the Offices of RDDs,ADs, DDEs, DEOs, AEOs, DIET, DPIs, SCERT, SSA, DHSE, SIEMAT, DVHSE etc. Level II
4 Orientation programme on Disaster Management planning for heads of educational institutions Level I
5 Training programmes on planning and designing of education at district level for DIET faculties Level I
6 Heads of primary schools (LP/UP) Level II
7 Heads of High Schools Level II

Leadership Enhancement Programme (LEP)
Sl.No. Target Group Status of Training
1 Principals of Higher Secondary and Vocational Higher Secondary Schools Level II
2 Educational officers ( DDE, Principals of DIET, RDD, AD, DPO, DEOs , AEOs and BPOs) Level II
3 Heads of Special Schools Level I
4 Teachers to be promoted as heads of schools Level I